Hi Rick,
I just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work and persistence. It was a great pleasure working with you and your team. Your patience and professionalism is beyond measure. We appreciate all your help with the sale of our cottage and getting the job done!

Thank you and all the best.

We came across Lagoon City while boating and immediately fell in love with the area.

Being a realtor in the Mississauga/Oakville area for 36 years, and knowing nothing about Lagoon City and homes for sale in the area, I reached out to Rick and asked him to be our agent.

This turned out to be our best decision, since his market knowledge provided intimate details on each and every area home for sale, along with very detailed information on recent sales, enabling us to quickly make decisions to move forward.

This is one name Buyers and Sellers alike, who are contemplating a move in Lagoon City should consider.

So Rick, we cannot thank you enough for all your help and professionalism.

We will certainly refer prospective Buyers to you for Lagoon City. You have been a pleasure to work with.

You put out good karma and I hope you get it back in abundance.

Peter & Gail
Re/Max Realty
My wife Marilyn and I came across Lagoon City three weeks ago while looking for a boat that happened to be in Lagoon City.

Out of curioisty we decided to check out Rick and Anne's informative website. It was easy for us to get an idea of what Lagoon City was all about.

We decided to contact Rick and Anne. On a Friday afternoon we came up and Rick took us on his famous "Boat Tour" explaining the ins and outs of Lagoon City.

We were SOLD!!.

Due to Rick, Anne and their staffs efforts I am writing this letter from our new condominium SEVEN days later!  - That's right! -  We closed in one week!

Still don't have the boat yet but now have a great new weekend lifestyle.

If you are looking for true professionals, great after sale help then I highly recommend Rick and Anne of RE/MAX Dockside Realty Ltd.

Blair Duguid and Marilyn Brodie

Jane and I feel strongly that we received absolutely the best service possible when selling our condo.

Both Rick as principal agent, and Anne, managed to give us the most professional attention, while striking a balance with personal involvement and sensitivity to all difficulties.

I can't imagine anyone being able to provide a greater commitment to fulfilling all of our needs - they were with us every step of the way.

I wouldn't hesitate a moment in giving the strongest endorsement for RE/MAX Dockside, to anyone looking for someone to represent their real estate interests in Lagoon City.

John & Jane Montgomery

If you are considering a place in Lagoon City, you want someone who lives and loves this unique community.

We found Rick & Anne extremely helpful while we were searching our hearts to find the right place for us.

When the sale was completed their commitment to us wasn’t over, they have continued to follow up and ensure that we felt welcome and part of one of the friendliest places on earth.

Lagoon City is a place where you can almost step back in time, to a time when you felt comfortable and safe, everywhere you walk, bike or boat you are greeted by friendly people & families.
We would strongly recommend both RE/MAX Dockside Realty and Lagoon City.

Tom Austin

My thanks to Rick & Anne for the sale of my cottage which closed yesterday.
After my husband's death a year ago, it was a hard decision.

I have been particularly grateful for the following: - no pressure applied - excellent advice on pricing - good recommendations and help in repairs - being kept well informed - continuous offers of assistance.

There were offers after six weeks in a down market. I would recommend them highly.

Margo Gregor
We have used Rick & Anne as our real estate experts for all three of our moves to Lagoon City, and have never been disappointed.

We admire their enthusiasm and knowledge of the area.

It's a nice feeling to know that you can depend on them to get the job done.

They obviously love Lagoon City, as do we, and it's a pleasure knowing them.

Bryan & Susan Reazin
As a fellow U.S. Real Estate Broker of 20+ years, when the time came to sell my Lagoon City condo there was no hesitation on my part to select Rick & Anne.

While a resident of Lagoon City, I observed their business ethics and practices and knew even in a challenging market they would get the job done.

They followed through on everything they committed to do and within weeks accomplished a successful sale.

Thank-you and continued success to you.

Patricia Woods
We have had the pleasure of buying and selling properties with Rick & Anne over the past 7 years.

We purchased and sold a condo, purchased and sold a building lot on Laguna Parkway and bought a beautiful home on Pinetree Court.

We would highly recommend Rick & Anne to anyone considering selling or purchasing a home.
Their professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail with every aspect of your requirements are taken care of  -  and it doesn't stop there!

Once we had moved into our home they continued to communicate and reach out to us to make sure we were happy.

Rick & Anne are passionate about Lagoon City, and it shows in everything they offer to their clients.

Thanks, Rick & Anne for your professional and the continued interest shown to us as loyal clients. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Donna & Brian Fletcher
I have had the unique experience of working with Anne & Rick in their office for 5 years. 
I found they were excellent to work with & enjoyed a truly team atmosphere.

Upon retiring & relocating to Lagoon City last year, Rick & Anne made our move so very easy.

Many thanks to our friend/realtor Rick & Anne.

Jeanette & Gary Henderson
We have known Anne & Rick for many years, and they come highly recommended.

They know Lagoon City thoroughly, and they are always there for you.

You will not meet better real estate pros as far as we are concerned.

Even when times were not the greatest for sales they got us the highest price (so far) for our style of condo.

You will enjoy working with these two totally professional Realtors.

Marjorie & Ron Harrison
I've been coming to Lagoon City since 1983.

In 1988 I first met Anne & Rick when I decided it was time to move to a waterfront property.

I bought my first condo from Anne at that time, and in the years in between they have been instrumental in selling two condos and assisting me with the purchase of my current home.

Their knowledge of the Lagoon City community and dedication to taking care of their clients is second to none.

I do not hestitate recommending Anne & Rick to anyone interested in the Lagoon City lifestyle.

David Henderson
Rick & Anne,

Thank-you for selling our Lagoon City condo. The arrival of the credit crunch has really sorted out the pros from the amateurs.

We are not sure whether it was your state-of-the-art website, strong Lagoon City presence with a sales office in the heart of the resort, your years of experience, or just hard work.

It really doesn't matter how, only the result counts!

In our case a sale within a couple of weeks of listing and for over 97% of the asking price .... What credit crunch?

Jon and Irene Ambler
When we decided to sell our townhome in Lagoon City we realized that we were entering a period of difficult market conditions, so we wanted to list with one of the most professional and successful realtors in the area.

After careful consideration we decided to list with RE/MAX Dockside Realty. We were not disappointed!

Rick & Anne worked tirelessly on our behalf, provided regular updates and feedback on showings and sold our condo at fair market value.

We would not hesitate to use their services again and would definitely recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase or list a property in Lagoon City.

Bernard & Karen Moyle
With Jennifer working in Scarborough at Centennial College and Jamie working with Skyline Marine in Orillia, it was time to sell our home in the "city" and make the move to somewhere that would allow us to commute to our respective jobs and enjoy a relaxed style of living during our "down time".

Being on the water soothes our souls. Lagoon City was the place to be, and Rick & Anne made it happen for us.

We are truly thankful for Rick's diligence, creativity and enthusiasm both in selling our former place and helping us find the home of our dreams.

Lagoon City is where we want to spend the rest of our lives. We feel we are living in a fantasy every day.

Rick & Anne ... Thank-you for everything you have done to make this stage of our lives one of the best yet!

Jennifer & Jamie Leith
We've had the pleasure of living in Lagoon City since the mid 90's with great thanks because of our association with both Rick & Anne.

Anne was instrumental with assisting us with our first purchase in Lagoon City by taking the time to showcase 10 homes to us one day, and completing the sale the day after.

Approx. two years ago we decided to sell and purchase a condo.

This time Rick was able to extend his "Excellent, Reliable & Professional" service to a very satisfying outcome for both us, the Buyer and also the Seller in this case.

Both Rick & Anne have always made us feel that we were not just clients but also new friends.

We're grateful to have been associated with both them and RE/MAX over these past fifteen years.

It seems that the "RE/MAX Dockside Experience" is a "Great & Lasting Experience!".

Thanks to you both Rick & Anne.

Franklin & Linda Perre
When I decided it was time to move into "lake" country, I worked with the experts who knew the local history, pricing, inventory, etc.

Now that I call Lagoon City "'home", I've continued to work with Rick & Anne on my listings.

It was such an easy transition, and the team work is so professional!

Marion Dick, Broker
Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd.
We purchased our home in Lagoon City, in the fall of 2000. Relocating is always a concern and the interpretation of what you are looking for is seldom realized during a first showing.

Rick & Anne grasped our descriptions and within hours of our first visit we were able to present an offer that was accepted.

This made our lives simpler as we had already sold our estate and the moving date was fast approaching.

Since that initial dealing with Rick & Anne we have grown to appreciate their professionalism and special friendship.

Joanne & Paul Firminger
We have had the help of Rick & Anne over the past 17 years with the purchase and sale of 3 homes here in Lagoon City.

They are very professional and work very hard to make your sale and purchase dreams come true.

They are very proud and caring of the Lagoon City community and we highly recommend Rick & Anne for your future real estate dealings in Lagoon City.

Terry & Lynda Mazaris
I happened upon Lagoon City by chance and met Anne who told me about the area.

Rick then took me out and gave me the great "Boat Tour" -  and I was SOLD!

He took me to several homes I liked and I purchased a beautiful home.

Rick was very helpful with the transaction and helped me with the small items, as I didn't live close by that were "Above & Beyond"  the "Call of Duty".

Rick has also helped me by checking on my house when I am away.

I would definitely recommend Rick & Anne.

Doug McCurdy
Rick was fast and professional. We listed the condo with him to sell and within a few weeks we had a good offer and sold our condo.

He is as good as his word, and we were very happy with the results.

Dennis Cappe
We purchased a Condo in Lagoon City as a second home with the help of Rick & Anne in 2007 and have been very happy with our purchase and the professional, attentive and courteous services from them.
Rick & Anne are dedicated and they truly listen to your needs and wants and work hard to meet them.
Their after-sales support, from keeping in touch to helping accept deliveries at the condo when you can't be there, is much appreciated!

We would recommend Rick & Anne highly.

Robert & Sylvia Avinoam
My daughter and son-in-law were living in Lagoon City and when I wanted to be a little closer they put me in touch with Rick & Anne. 

They found me a beautiful condo and also recommended a Real Estate Agent in Oshawa to sell my home.

They have since sold my condo and during these transactions have been more than helpful.

I would recommend Rick & Anne to anyone interested in living in Lagoon City.

Elizabeth Wooley
Rick & Anne have made many dreams come true for us over the past seventeen years.

We have bought and sold a couple of condos and four homes, all with the expert help and advice of Rick & Anne.

If Lagoon City is in your plans you could not be with better folks.

Before, during and after the sale Rick & Anne are always there to lend advice and support.

We would not make a move without their involvement.

Hugh Reid
I am new to the Lagoon City area and fell in love with it as soon as Rick showed me around.

From the initial listings inquiry, through the move and afterwards Rick has always been a great help.

He drops in to say hi, see if everything is well and I know he is only a phone call away.

Keeping clients happy, pre and post sales, is what Rick & Anne strive to do and they excel at this, time in and time out.

I could not ask for anything more and in fact, others should look to Rick & Anne if they wish to have life-long customers.

I wish them both continued success!

I have known Rick & Anne for many years, in fact we have completed six transactions over the years.

Their professionalism and dedication to us has been nothing but exceptional .... by far the best Realtors I have ever dealt with.

Thank-you Rick & Anne,

Mike Rathbone
We bought a condominium in Lagoon City with Rick's expert help and guidance. Rick was very knowledgable about the area and was very patient with our search.

He took care of the purchase professionally and assisted us with any services we needed to complete our move.

To this day, Rick stops by to say "hi" and offer any assistance.

We value our association with Rick and his wife Anne.
Diane & Steve Hack
We have been clients of Rick & Anne for the past nine years. We are currently relocating to another condo in Lagoon City.

We called Rick and within a half hour he was able to show us exactly what we were looking for.

RE/MAX Dockside Realty handled our needs expediently and professionally.

We highly recommend them.

Catherine & Ted White
My wife Candy and I have been clients of Rick & Anne since we first moved to Lagoon City in 2001.

Since then we have purchased and sold a condo and a home and are now in a condo again.

All five deals handled expertly by "RE/MAX Dockside Realty".

The experiences that we have had with them have been nothing short of excellent. They know their stuff and do what it takes to service the customers requirements.

On a scale of one to ten, I give them a ten!

John Harder