All the services I provide my clients with are intended to help improve their standard of living increase the value of their property and secure their real estate investments. 

The most valuable service I provide to all my clients (if they desire) is a free mini home or office make over. A free consultation with an interior decorator, colour coordinator, and decluttering expert. No matter if you live in a $ 1,000,000 home or a $ 100,000 home this service will help improve your quality of living, increase the marketability of your home or business and ultimately help sell your property quicker and for as much as the current market will allow.
All the services I provide are done on a personal one on one base. I personally schedule and introduce all parties on the initial meeting. I work on behalf of both parties. I will be fully aware of the scope of work, the contracts and agreements that the parties are in agreement to. I will help mediate any disputes and make sure both parties come to a satisfactory conclusion.
All of the associates I work with are contractors and tradesmen and are fully licensed and insured. All work is done under contract and any extras or work added after the original agreement must be in writing and signed

More Services I have to Offer
  • Mortgages and private financing available
  • Staging a complete home and office make over’s with an interior decorator, colour coordinator and decluttering expert.
  • Lawyers, accountants and movers
  • Complete kitchen cabinets & bathroom repairs and renovations, granite counter tops, hardwood, granite, porcelain and ceramic floors (Show room available by appointment)
  • All asphalt, interlocking bricks concrete drive ways, side walks landscaping and sod.
  • Complete removal, installation & repairs of all heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Basement waterproofing.
  • Both water and sewer main upgrade and repairs.
  • Roofing, windows, siding, eves and so fits. 
  • Electrical panel up grades, knob & tube replacement.
  • All trades plumbing, electrical, carpentry, drywall, taping and painting.
  • Complete pre listing property prepartion for quicker and maximum sales price
If you would like more information on any of these services please fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP. 
Or call me direct right now at 905-518-6575. 








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