Full Service Program

Let’s talk numbers. We will aggressively market your property through advertising, open houses and networking, as well as list your property on MLS - but for only 3.75% in total commissions. Compare this to the commission charged by other brokerages!


List a Home For 5% Commission 3.75% Commission SAVE
$200,000.00 $11,300.00 $8,475.00 $2,825.00
$300,000.00 $16,950.00 $12,712.50 $4,237.50
$400,000.00 $22,600.00 $16,950.00 $5,650.00

*Savings based on hypothetical 5% commission inc. HST. Commissions and fees are negotiable and cannot be fixed.

How Flat Rate Works


Full service program includes the following:

  • Professional opinion of value
  • Upload your listing onto your local real estate board
  • Upload your listing onto REALTOR.ca (MLS)
  • Promote your home on our company website page
  • Host open house (with your consent)
  • Provide coloured property feature sheets
  • Use Flat Rate For Sale Sign
  • Use of a lock box
  • Book showings of your property for REALTORS®
  • Negotiate offer
  • Co-ordination of all conditions, inspections and delivery of paper work to lawyers


  • Home is listed on the MLS System
  • Home is listed on REALTOR.ca and FLATRATENORTHBAY.ca
  • No Risk (No money up front. If your home does not sell you pay nothing)
  • Have a professional REALTOR® representing you
  • We advertise your home in the Real Estate Section
  • Pay 3.75% (compared to a potential 5% real estate fee)
  • **NEW** Seller support program available
    • Host your own open houses
    • Allows you to eliminate the fee to the buyers salesperson and save thousands!
    • See our seller support program to learn more



Seller Support Program

With our full service programs you have the opportunity to find your own buyer and save thousands in real estate commission!

In today’s real estate market everyone is looking for an edge, we at Flat Rate Realty believe that a team approach combining our skills as sales people and the owners knowledge of their home is a fantastic selling combination.

Once your home is listed, we strongly encourage you to contact as many friends, family members and co-workers as possible and notify them your home is for sale. Social media is a powerful resource. We also give our sellers the opportunity if they wish to run their own open house! We provide the signage and will advertise in the local paper.

If you were to find your own buyer and have them use your Flat Rate Realtor to prepare the offer, you would save the majority of the commission being offered to the buyer’s REALTOR.

For example, if your home sold for $250,000 and you were offering 2% to the buyer’s realtor, instead of paying $5,000 plus your listing posting, you would only pay $995 plus HST ($1,124.35) plus your listing portion. That would mean you would save an additional $3,875.65!

List a Home For

2% Regular

Seller Assist
Program Cost
$250,000.00 $5,000.00 $1,124.35 $3,875.65

*Commissions and fees are negotiable and cannot be fixed







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