Haliburton County is blessed with over 600 lakes ranging in size from small, motor-restricted, serene lakes, to grand lakes filled with outstanding rock cuts, deep water, excellent boating and fabulous fishing! There is something for everyone. For just a taste of what Haliburton County has to offer, below are descriptions of 4 of our lakes, all within close range of each other.

Haliburton Lake
Located approx. 25-30 minutes northeast of the Village of Haliburton, Haliburton Lake is a highly sought-after lake. Upon arrival, you are greeted with the small hamlet of Fort Irwin, offering a small convenience store, ice cream shop and marina. Boasting about 560 properties, the lake has an average depth of 57.2 ft (17.1m) and a maximum depth of 180 ft (54 m). There is an abundance of rock shoals and drop offs providing excellent fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass and lake trout – including our recently discovered, ancient species, the Haliburton Gold Lake Trout. There is a public boat launch through the hamlet of Fort Irwin on Haliburton Lake Road.
Percy Lake
Just north of Haliburton Lake is this beautiful, quiet lake. There are currently only 70 properties, but there is some expansion planned for the eastern shoreline. To add to it’s quiet nature, there is currently no public boat launch for this lake. The average depth of Percy Lake is 36 ft (10.8 m) and maximum depth stands at 110 ft (33 m). An excellent lake for both motorized and non-motorized water vehicles, it is also an excellent fishing lake. Lake trout and smallmouth bass dominate your fishing options. Deep clear and crystal clean waters make this a fabulous destination lake.
Oblong Lake
Oblong Lake is a small lake nestled at the eastern tip of Haliburton Lake, with the community of Fort Irwin in the middle. Oblong is a deep, relatively undeveloped lake with few cottages and properties. When the water is high, navigation between the two lakes is great, but when water levels drop there is a chance that you could not get into Haliburton Lake. Popular with anglers, Oblong Lake offers plenty of weed and rock structure along the shoreline – perfect for bass! There is also still a natural population of lake trout. The average depth of Oblong Lake is 32.8 ft (9.8 m) and the maximum depth is 90 ft (27 m).
Eagle/Moose Lakes
These two lakes are located at the Community of Eagle Lake – the rhubarb capital of Ontario! The Village offers an excellent general store, liquor store and gas bar for all your immediate needs, with an excellent boat launch/park/sand beach for swimming.  Redstone River flows into and out of Eagle Lake and is controlled by a dam. When the water is high, tubing is a popular sport down the river. Eagle Lake is mostly noted for having Sir Sam’s Ski Area and Resort. For excellent cuisine you can dine at either the Sir Sam’s Resort or the latest addition to the community, Rhubarb. Eagle Lake is a great mid-size lake with an average depth of 22.9 ft (6.8 m) and a maximum depth of 80 ft (24 m). There is also an island on the lake with several cottages. Moose Lake is located at the northern end of Eagle Lake, connected by a narrows with a sand bar – take it slow through here! A much quieter lake than Eagle, much of the lake is taken by children’s summer camps, keeping much of the shoreline undeveloped. There is probably no more than 30 cottages on the whole lake. Moose Lake has an average depth of 54.5 ft (16.3m) and and a maximum depth of 144 ft (43.2m).

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