Napanee is a well blended mix of a quiet country town and a thriving industrial town. Napanee is a small town of 15,000 residents, approximately 30km to Kingston or Belleville, which makes it a half way point between the two cities. Many people reside in Napanee, and Lennox and Addington County because of the easy accessibility to both cities which are two excellent places for employment and business to thrive. The town is laid out well in terms of living and doing business, the downtown core has a mixture, but the bigger plants and industrial park are closer to the 401 to make transportation easier. 

Goodyear Canada Inc. is one of Napanee’s top employers, employing 685 people; with companies like Bombardier, Lennox Generating Station, and Lafarge employing a combined total of over 500 employees. These companies are situated on the outskirts of Napanee but are still close to housing and the amenities in town.

The Private Sector employs many people in the area; the chart below shows the top seven employers’ statistics, number of employees, township and sector.
Private Sector Township Sector Employees
Goodyear Canada Inc. Greater Napanee Manufacturing 685
Bombardier Transportation Loyalist Manufacturing 215
Lennox Generating Station Greater Napanee Utilities 160
Strathcona Paper Co. Stone Mills Manufacturing 158
Metro Greater Napanee Retail 140
Wal-Mart Greater Napanee Retail 140
Lafarge Canada Inc. Greater Napanee Manufacturing 138

The public sector employs over 3000 people in and around Napanee and L&A County; the chart below displays the top 8 employers. 
Public Sector Township Sector Employees
County of Lennox and Addington Greater Napanee Public Administration 415
Millhaven Institution Loyalist Correctional Services 400
Limestone District School Board Loyalist Education 284
Bath Institution Loyalist Correctional Services 275
Limestone District School Board Greater Napanee Education 260
L&A County General Hospital Greater Napanee Health Services 215
John M. Parrott Centre Greater Napanee Long-Term Care Facility 187
Quinte Regional Detention Centre Greater Napanee Correctional Services 167

Living in Napanee

The Town of Greater Napanee is very committed to its economic development and continues to support local established businesses as well as new business growth in the community. The Chamber of Commerce and the Napanee BIA both promote business enterprise by driving the revitalization projects that are ongoing in the community, for example creating more inviting parks and walking paths. The two organizations also provide support in terms of cost saving programs, grant programs, networking opportunities, galas and other social events to recognize local business and employees, and other initiatives and incentives for operating a business within Greater Napanee. The Town of Greater Napanee is continually providing social events for residents of the area; one of the most popular is the Big Bright Light Festival, where the downtown core shines with various coloured lights adorning the fronts of the buildings. This wonderful attraction showcases the shops on the main strip and kicks off the winter season.

One attraction to living in Greater Napanee is that there are so many different areas to reside, with lots of options; land in a rural setting, nice detached homes in subdivisions, apartments close to the river, and all within a short distance from amenities, schools, and the L&A hospital. The Napanee River runs through town and then opens up into the Bay of Quinte about 10km from Napanee. This waterway provides many activities such as fishing and boating, and adds to Napanee’s popularity as a tourist destination. Tourists come by boat and are able to camp at the dock overnight for a small fee; hydro hook up is also available. The mayor has even made appearances to greet newcomers with some Napanee swag and a chat.
The downtown core of Napanee is booming, with boutique storefronts filled with different kinds of merchandise, a few beautiful clothing stores for women, a lingerie shop, and an accessory store filled with designer footwear, purses, and jewellery galore, yoga studio, specialty food store, and the list goes on and on. This doesn’t include the many restaurants, offering such fare as homemade pizza and comfort food, bistro pub style and Canadian style pub food, Chinese and Indian food, a specialty hotdog shop, and more.

The Napanee housing market is very affordable, with the cost of the average house being $197,000. The cost of living is low in the area but the housing market is strong as many new houses are being built to provide for the needs of this growing town. 
Napanee and the L&A County have some great biking and hiking trails like the Cataraqui Trail that starts just outside of Newburgh (neighboring town 10km east of Napanee), and continues all the way to Kingston; a beautiful ride, undisturbed and isolated from busy highways and traffic. There is also the Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves, approximately 10km outside of Napanee that offers a self-guided 3.2 km hike, as well as many caves along the way to explore if you bring a flashlight! Those are just two of the many amazing outdoor attractions to explore in the area.

The area around Napanee is also referred to as the ‘Land o’ Lakes’ because there are over 5000 lakes here. Most lakes you are able to fish, canoe or kayak, some you are able to motor boat on, providing for tubing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. The Napanee area is also very popular among anglers – the biggest attractions being bass and pickerel. A lot of the lakes have cottages, which makes this area very appealing to the city crowds who want weekends away for some rest and relaxation.
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