Curb Appeal...

Once you’ve caught their attention with your photo, you will then need to make sure that your home looks just as good “in person”. For the typical buyer, the “decision clock” starts ticking the minute they pull up to the curb. And since most buyers form an opinion within 15 seconds and make their decision in just 2 short minutes, you had better be able to “Wow!” them from the curb.

A few things to consider include:

  1. Ensure that all driveways and walkways are free of glaring cracks and imposing weeds.
  2. Stow away all garbage bins, garden implements and tools.
  3. Mow and edge the lawn regularly. Get rid of all weeds and leaves as necessary.
  4. Colourful (but tasteful) flower pots & urns are key to catching a buyer’s attention.
  5. Make sure that all overgrown greenery is shaped and trimmed so that it doesn’t obscure your home.
  6. Foundation cracks should be addressed so as not to scare away the buyers before they even step foot in the house.
  7. Be sure to touch up any peeling trim paint before your first showing.
  8. Make sure that your front door has a fresh coat of paint and polished door hardware.
  9. Clean the windows and gutters.
  10. Pressure wash dirty siding and decks.

Be sure to maximize your home’s best features and minimize its short-comings. And don’t forget to think about how your home will look at all times of day! Lighting will be key for those who might be driving by after the sun goes down, so don’t forget to give this some thought.

Finally, while most buyers will have already made up their mind before they make it to your backyard, there are some who place the backyard at the top of their wish list. So although your backyard may not be visible from the curb, you need to give it some attention as well.

When it comes to curb appeal, remember this most important fact. Most buyers cannot visualize changes, and often won't take a second look at a house if the first impression isn't appealing to them. For those who actually can visualize changes, (and are prepared to make them), they will expect YOU to reduce the price of the house to compensate for the work.







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