John Fishbein – not quite ready for Prime Time!
Or is he??

One of my sellers had an exciting 24 hours as we were chosen to be one of the Featured Homes on HGTV’s‘Property Virgins’ television show!

The series features a different first time homebuyer being followed each week as they go through the process of purchasing their first home.  The series follows them as they see several homes, prior to choosing one for an offer – which is also filmed. Reality television is quite funny sometimes – those ‘impromptu’ moments are sometimes quite scripted!  My face hurt for days afterward from laughing so hard.

After an 8 hour filming session, the end result was a happy buyer and a very happy seller, as the buyer chose my listing!      
Once they were done in K-W, the show packed up and moved along to their next cities – Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas.  Who knew that one day I would not only be on television, but on an international television series!

Many people have asked how HGTV’sProperty Virgins picked my listing. The producers had seen the house featured on my web site. They had also called approximately eight local agents to try to show their listings too – can you believe I was the only agent to return their calls? 

The sellers have written a reference letter talking about their experiences: 

We have had the good fortune to work with John Fishbein in both purchasing our new home and in selling our former one.

Throughout the search process, John effectively kept us informed about prospective properties, and was quick to respond to our requests to view them. Once it came time to place an offer, John was decisive and demonstrated expert instincts through these negotiations.

In selling our home, John's expertise once again served us well. He gently assessed the strengths and weaknesses of our property and worked with us to set goals for our sale. His advice at this time was valuable and helpful. John worked tirelessly to sell our home - when meeting with buyers from out of the region, he provided information on our part of the city that helped reinforce the positive image of our property.

The selling process to a turn for the bizarre when our property was selected to be featured on Property Virgins, an HGTV programme. This involved John putting in a marathon 8-hour shift at the home while the film crew worked. In the end, John's willingness to go the distance paid off - we received an offer at the end of the filming day, and we were further impressed by John's uncanny ability to negotiate the best price on our behalf.

Through all of our experiences, he displayed an impressive work ethic, and we are grateful for his work on our behalf. 
Jill & Duncan N.


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