November 6 2017 - KEY HOMES IN HURON CREST SUBDIVISION -  We are excited to announce that we will be building 10 homes in "Huron Crest Subdivison" (Bluepoint).  Large estate size lots offer new updates for 2018 and triple car garages.  3 homes already SOLD!   Models coming in spring of 2018.  For more information contact Doug Bain at 519-381-7560.

October 23 2017 - "SOLD OUT" Its official.  All lots "SOLD OUT" on Basquiat and Newcastle!  Key Homes will have the last home complete January 2018.  The crew will be off to Huron Crest Subdivision building on VanBree.

October 2 2017 - BABY BAIN  -  Congrats to Andrew and Carleigh Bain on the birth of their baby girl!   

May 2017 - KEY HOMES CUSTOM BUNALOW ON CHARLESWORTH -  Key Homes Custom has completed a lovely bungalow on Charlesworth.  This open concept home fits in beautifully with the existing homes in the neighbourhood, boasting a spacious double car garage and fabulous rear patio.  

May 4 20-17 - NEW MODEL AT 95 NEWCASTLE  -  New model at 95 Newcastle now available for viewing Saturday and Sunday 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.   This model is staged for your viewing. 

March 30 2017  - ONTARIO TO REPLACE TARION WITH NEW REGULATOR FOR HOME BUILDERS - The province will move some responsiblities from Tarion to the government.  Visit for the complete article. 

March 30 2017  - ONTARIO TO REPLACE TARION WITH NEW REGULATOR FOR HOME BUILDERS - The province will move some responsiblities from Tarion to the government.  Visit for the complete article. 

February 3 2017 - NEW PROJECTS FOR KEY HOMES CUSTOM ON CULLEN DRIVE -  Key Homes Custom is scheduled to build 3 homes on Cullen Drive this year.  A 2+2 bedroom bunglow that will be a model to be completed early summer 2017 as well as two other custom homes that will be completed in late summer, early fall of 2017.

November 15 2016 - FIRST OWNER MOVES IN ON BASQUIAT  -  First owner moves in on Basquiat today!  2 more proud homeowners will be living in this new part of The Rapids Subdivison by Christmas. 

November 14 2016 - BABY ORAVEC  -  Congrats to Rob and Alannah Oravec on the birth of their baby girl! 

November 15 2016 - MODEL OPEN 87 NEWCASTLE -  Model is staged and open this weekend 12:00 to 2:00 Saturday and Sunday.

October 28 2016 - CONCRETE DAY -  Walkways and drive going in on our first build on Basquiat.  First owners will be moving in, in a couple of weeks.

October 21 2016 - ROYAL LEPAGE PUMPKIN DRIVE -  Come and pick up a pumpkin and make a donation.  All proceeds go to Suicide Prevention through St Clair Child and Youth.  Visit 546 N Christina Street today 1pm to 5pm. You can find us in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.  Donations of $10 or more come with charitable receipt.

October 19 2016  - TIGHTER LENDING RULES TAKE EFFECT  -  Contact your realtor or mortgage specialist for details or visit our facebook page

October 7 2016  - HAPPY THANKSGIVING  -  Wishing everyone at Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Key Homes.

October 6 2016  - FULL SPEED ON BASQUIAT -  7 homes under construction and more coming soon! Call today to pick your lot and plan and build your dream home with us.

September 22 2016 - SAVANNAH GOING UP ON NEWCASTLE -  Still 4 more lots available backing onto the trail.  Call today for details.

September 7 2016 - CUSTOM DIVISION MARCO III -  Our Custom Division is finishing up a Marco III on Vanbree out in Bluepoint.  Other lots available.  Visit or call 519-381-7560 for further information. 

September 2 2016 - SECOND HOUSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION BASQUIAT - Getting into the full swing of things now. 

August 26 2016  - NEWCASTLE MODEL COMING SOON -  This Newport should be completed in about 6 to 8 weeks.  Brick starting this week.

July 15 2016 - STREET LIGHTS ON BASQUIAT  -  Street lights being installed yesterday and today.  We should start building our first home on Basquiat in the next couple weeks.  Call Doug Bain 519-381-7560 to build your dream home.  Still a couple lots left backing onto future park.

July 12 2016 - NEWCASTLE MODEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION  -  Visit availablity.  Four lots left backing onto the trail. 

June 3 2016 - BASQUIAT IS OPEN  -  Visit availablity.  Still 2 lots available backing onto future park.

April 18 2016 - MODEL HOME OPEN 881 MANHATTAN  -  Visit for times Saturday and Sunday.

March 9 2016 - LAST HOME SOLD ON RIOPELLE -  Our Another happy homeowner moving into a Key Homes built home.  

February 26 2016 - ANOTHER SOLD ON CHRISVALE -  Our Another happy homeowner moves onto Chrisvale today! Phase II Chrisvale coming soon! 

February 25 2016 - MODEL ON RIOPELLE -  Our latest Newport will be be open to the public by mid March. Call Doug Bain for details at 519-381-7560.

February 17 2016 - MODEL ON CHRISVALE READY FIRST WEEK OF MARCH -  Our latest Malibu will be be open to the public by mid March.  This home was the Dream Home for 2015. Call Doug Bain for details at 519-381-7560.

February 8 2016 - NEW LOTS COMING SOON - Stay tuned to find out what coming up both north and south of Michigan.  Call Doug Bain for details at 519-381-7560.

February 8 2016 - TWO SOLD ON MANHATTAN - We have now sold Lot 6 and Lot 7 Manhattan.  We have Lot 5 "Newport" under construction that is available and Lot 10 Manhattan "Malibu" underconstruction that is available.  Two lots left!  Lot 8 and Lot 9 Manhattan! 

January 22 2016 - REMINGTON - Our last home in the cul-de-sac on Remington will be finished next week.  Another happy client will be handed their keys and welcomed home! 

January 18 - NEW MODEL ON CHRISVALE - We now have a Malibu with some upgrades available on Chrisvale.  Completion is slotted for March 2016.  A great opportunity to purchase this lovely home at this northend Sarnia address. 

January 15 2016 - PHASE I HURON COVE SOLD OUT - It's official - all our lots are gone.  Stay tuned for news on Phase II Huron Cove slotted for Spring 2016. 

December 25 2015 - MERRY CHRISMAS FROM KEY HOMES AND KEY HOMES CUSTOM Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from staff, and trades at Key Homes. 

December 18 2015 - MODEL ON CULLEN DRIVE @ BLUEPOINT OPEN - You Our model is staged and is open on Sundays.  Check for times. 

December 17 2015 - IF YOU COOK THEY WILL COME - You may have noticed that our jobsites where lacking some workers today.  Well, we wanted to have everyone out for a turkey lunch and they came.  At first we thought it was the turkey but for sure it had to be for the pie!  Wow!  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen at the Pt Edward Community Centre.  We will see you next year.  Thank you to all our trades and their families for all their hardwork.

November 2015 - ALL ABOUT PAINT "Natural Wool" TOP CHOICE - This seems to becoming a signature paint colour for Key Homes and our homeowners.  This off white colour works well with a warm or cool palette.  But we can't leave out "Tracing Paper" which is a close second. 

October 27 2015 - BARN DOORS - It's offical...barn doors are back!  We have at least 3 homeowners that are incorporating our standard door on a rail system for the "barn door" effect.  A few are visiting artizans in southwestern Ontario for a custom door.  Absolutely stunning! 

October 20 2015 - NEWPORT BACKING ONTO FUTURE PARK - Building a "Newport" on the last of our lots on Riopelle.  This home is perfect for a family with the rear yard backing onto a future park!  

October 8 2015 - LAST MODEL ON KAMAL - Our latest model is now available on Kamal.  This Newport Plus features a triple car garage and a upgrades that any homeowner will love.   

October 2 2015 - DRAMATIC LOOK ON WHEATLEY - Follow us on facebook @ to view this wonderful brick and stone choice.  The tinted mortar sets it all off! 

September 24 2015 - KEY HOMES IS BACK ON WHEATLEY - Key Homes is building over in Wheatley Estates.  This custom home with triple car garage boasts some great finishes and excellent use of space. 

September 3 2015 - KEY HOMES CUSTOM CREATES A COFFERED CEILING - Follow us on facebook @ to view some of things happening with Key Homes Custom.  This coffered ceiling is sure to be a favorite that we will see again. 

September 3 2015 - EDGEY FLOATING CEILING - Follow us on facebook @ to view some of things happening with Key Homes.  Our trades have out done them selves with a floating ceiling over on Riopelle.  Can't wait to see when its finished! 

September 2 2015 - OVERSIZED MALIBU ON REMINGTON - Just finishing up the foundation on Remington in the cul-de-sac.  

August 18 2015 - CHRISVALE IS VERY BUSY- Back filling, framing, roofing...we have everyone out in full force as we work to finish up on this street ahead of schedule!  

August 18 2015 - 2016 DREAM HOME - Phase I Huron Cove almost sold out.  Call today before all our lots are gone! 

August 17 2015 - 2016 DREAM HOME - Trades are working on the finished carpentry this week.  Only a month away until the Dream Home 2016 is reveiled. 

August 17 2015 - MODEL OPEN ON MANHATTAN IN THE RAPIDS SUBDIVISION - We are open Saturday and Sunday 2:00 to 4:00.  Come and take a look at our Savanah II listed below $400K. 

August 15 2015 -ST HELEN'S PLACE - Key Homes just closed our last home in St Helen's Place Subdivison.  Back to building in The Rapids, Wheatley Estates and Huron Cove.  The Key Homes Custom Division continues building on Erica Court. 

July 31 2015 - CUSTOM BUILD IN POINT EDWARD - Happy home owners have moved in on Arthur Street.  Concrete, grading and sod will be completed in the upcoming weeks by Key Homes. 

July 17
The Syvannah is ready to view.  Open every Sunday 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  The Hamilton (2 storey) is also available to view by appointment.

July 16 2015 - NEWPORT 5 - We are just breaking ground today on Wheatly!  The Newport 5 plan will be available to view soon!

July 15 2015 - 1 LOT LEFT ON RIOPELLE - We are pouring the basement today on Lot 12.  Reminder Lot 11 "Newport" is still available for sale with an early October closing.  Still one lot left on Riopelle.  

July 1 2015 - CUSTOM HOME ON ARTHUR PT EDWARD - This craftsmen style home will be complete in about 1 month.  Reminder we now have a seperate "CUSTOM DIVISION" for those looking to build outside of a subdivison.  

Our "Hamilton" and "Syvanah" will be complete this July.  Another "Syvanah" starting on Manhattan in a couple weeks.

May 28 2015 - KEY HOMES CUSTOM DIVISION - Starts first home on Erica Court.  This division lead by Mark Reynolds will feature different trades than our KEY HOMES crew providing custom built homes throughout Sarnia Lambton.  

April 2015 - MANHATTAN 2 STOREY AND 2 BEDROOM BUNGALOW - We have 2 homes on Manhattan under construction.  Our 2 storey "Hamilton" and our 2 bedroom Syvannah.  

April 10 2015 - NEWPORT PLUS ON CHRISVALE -  Our third home on Chrisvale is now occupied.  Other lots available.  Call for details.

March 2015  - MALIBU MODEL - Model available for viewing at Lot 13 Chrisvale.  Visit for times or call Key Homes for a private viewing.

February 18 2015 - ST HELEN'S PLACE - Model still available on Rocco Drive in St Helen's Place Subdivision.  Our second Key Homes owner will be moving in the end of the month! 

February 14 - DREAM HOME 2nd EARLY BIRD DRAW - This is schedule for today!  Stay tuned for the winnter! 

February 5 2015 - MODEL COMING SOON ON CHRISVALE - We will have a "Malibu" model stage in early March ready for viewing.  Two other homes Sold on the street and will be ready for March and April closings!  Visit 

January 6 2015 - DREAM HOME EARLY BIRD DRAW - Local Dentist Dr Curran and staff was winner of Early Bird Draw - Trip for 2 to Las Vegas.  

November 27 2014 - ST HELENS PLACE MODEL OPENS - Decorated model opening this weekend 1217 Rocco.  Visit for times. 

November 14 2014 - ST HELENS PLACE - Staged model coming to 1217 Rocco in the next three weeks. 

November 11 2014 - HURON COVE - Located North of Michigan we have the Bluewater Foundation Dream Home as the anchor of this new subdivision.  Three homes currently under construction on Kamal with one lot left.  First two homes completed on Chrisvale with four more homes under construction.  Model on Chrisvale scheduled for March of 2015.  Lots still available to build your "Dream Home". 

October 20 2014 - DREAM HOME OPEN - Visit Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  

October 17 - Model started at 416 Chrisvale -  This is a Newport Plus with Triple Car Garage! 

October 2 2014 - DREAM HOME OVERVIEW -
Bluewater Health Foundation is thrilled to be celebrating 20 years of the Dream Home Lottery in the Sarnia-Lambton community. Together the lottery has raised more than $5.5 million dollars  for our community hospital Bluewater Health. The Foundation is grateful to all of the builders, suppliers, volunteers, local businesses and ticket buyers who have supported the Dream Home lottery over the years.  Marg Hendra, Volunteer Chair of the Dream Home committee said, “The lottery would not be the success it is each and every year without the generosity of so many. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are excited to share that we have a bigger prizeboard with so many chances to win!”

The 20th Dream Home (license #6624), built by Doug Bain and John Oravec of KeyHomes, is located in Sarnia, Ontario at 41 Kamal Drive backing onto Michigan Road near Modeland Road.

This year to celebrate the Dream Home’s 20th anniversary, the house comes fully furnished and professionally decorated by Lori Bambury of Brush Strokes Interiors. The 1989 square foot bungalow, on a 67’ wide x 128’ deep lot,  features, 5 bedrooms, a fantastic kitchen that comes complete with a combination wall oven, cooktop, dishwasher, fridge, and a washer & dryer located off the kitchen.  The winner has the option of keeping this beautiful home with furniture, electronics and appliances (valued at $512,865.65 ) or taking the cash prize of $300,000.  The winnings are all tax-free.
For the final draws the deadline will be on February 14, 2015 at 12 midnight with the draw date on February 20, 2015 at 8 pm at the Sarnia Golf and Curling Club which will include $100 (20), $500 (20), $500 Molly Maid Cleaning Voucher (1), $500 Greg’s Auto Detailing Voucher (1), $500 Canadian Tire Service Voucher (1), $500 Walmart Voucher (1), $1000 (20) and the grand prize of the home or the option of taking the cash.

8000 Dream Home tickets will be available in early September for $100 each at Bluewater Health Foundation’s office (located inside the main corridor of Bluewater Health) as well as at Charlotte Eleanor Englehart of Bluewater Health, Brushstrokes Interiors and various community locations including area banks, credit unions and Shoppers Drug Mart stores or by calling 519-464-4428.

September 11 2014 - DREAM HOME - Less than 1 month away the Dream Home is looking fabulous!  We can't wait to see it finished and staged! 

August 25 2014 - KAMAL - MODEL - Under constuction beside DREAM HOME!  This will be a Newport Plus with a Triple Car Garage!  Available for Sale at $434,900.00  Another model starting on Kamal in a couple weeks.

August 22 2014 - RIOPELLE - Newport under construction! 

August 9 2014 - MODEL - 709 Remington "model home" now SOLD. 

August 8 2014 - STAGED MODEL - 704 Remington "model home" is now staged.

August 5 2014 - LOT 25 ROCCO - Breaking ground today!  Model coming soon! 

July 16th 2014 - DREAM HOME - Key Homes is once again this years builder of the Dream Home.  Currenly under construction, this home is located in the new "Huron Cove" subdivison north of Michigan on Kamal.  

July 15th 2014 - TRIPLE CAR GARAGE - Framing starts on Key Homes 2nd build in this subdivion this week.  This Newport Plus will feature a triple car garage.    

July 7th 2014 - NEW MODEL - at 704 Remington in the process of being staged.  Newport Model on Wheatley will be available to view this month. 

July 3rd 2014 - ST HELEN'S PLACE - Key Homes will be builing 2 models in the upcoming weeks.  

June 2014 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Our first build on Kamal in the New Huron Cove subdivison north of Michigan is underway. 

May 2014 - NEW MODELS - Coming soon on Remington, mid July 2014 and early August 2014.

April 15th 2014 - HURON COVEWe will be breaking ground on Kamal "New - Huron Cover Subdivision" north of Michigan in 2 weeks time.  Our first "Malibu" Model will be ready to view in  August! 

April 1st 2014 - MODELS COMING SOON - Look for our new model coming June 2014!

March 30 2014 - COMING SOON - NEW 2014 DREAM PLANThis 2 bedroom plan features incredible master ensuite similar to the Bluewater Healths 2014 Dream Home.  

March 2014 - NEW MODEL - 709 Remington under construction!  Available July 2014! 

March 4 2014 - NEW SPLIT PLAN - The Malibu - See website for details. 

March 2014 - NEW MODEL - 704 Remmington under construction!  Available June 2014!

December 29 2013 - ROYAL LEPAGE KEY REALTY FAMILY AND FRIEND SKATE - Our sister company Royal LePage Key Realty will be hosting a Family and Friend Skate at the Sarnia Arena December 29th from 1:00 to 2:30.  All welcome!

December 21-22 2013 - ROYAL LEPAGE KEY REALTY HOSTS DREAM HOME - Agents and staff from Royal LePage Key Realty (our sister company) will be working the Dream Home this weekend. 

December 15 2013 - NEW MODEL COMING SOON - Home at 550 Wheatley is only weeks away from completion.  Carpets are being installed and cabinet doors are being hung.  This home boasts a gorgous floor to ceiling fireplace in great room that every family member will love.  The stunning white kitchen features centre island and granite counter tops.  This home will be staged by Trendz Interiors end of January 2014, ready for viewings in early February.

December 7 2013 - DREAM HOME IS DECORATED FOR CHRISTMAS - Come out and view this years Dream Home in all its holiday spendor.  Many items including artwork, accessories, furniture and centre pieces are also available for sale.

December 2 2013 - REMINGTON - 2 homes on Remington are schedule for completion mid January 2014.  Other lots available.  Contact Doug Bain today at 519-381-2353.  

July 10 2013 - KEY HOMES ON FACEBOOK - Follow us on Facebook!  Information about building your home, updates from Key Homes and other helpful tips for people looking to build.

June 18 2013 - New home being built in Rapids subdivision at 837 Manhattan.  Plan: Newport III                  Asking Price: $359,900.   If you would like information on this property that is available for sale, please contact Doug Bain at 519-381-2353.   


May 21 2013 - 482 AUTUMN BREEZE - SOLD - Under Construction

May 21 2013 - 476 AUTUMN BREEZE - SOLD - Under Construction

April 9 2013 - GARAGE SALE 4 SHELTER (Pre-Sale in Petrolia)
Join Royal LePage Key Realty and Key Homes at 4124 Petrolia Line (beside Streets) April 27th for our first Annaul Garage Sale 4 Shelter Pre-Sale.  Purchase an array of items.  All proceeds to Sarnia Lambton Women's Interval Home.  If you would like to donate items please drop off at our Petrolia office Tuesday and Thrusdays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. 

April 8 2013 - GARAGE SALE 4 SHELTER - Join Royal LePage Key Realty and Key Homes at 546 N Christina Street Saturday May 11th for our 2nd Annual Garage Sale 4 Shelter 8:00am to 1:00 pm to purchase an array of items.  Coffee, Pop, Baked Goods and Hot Dogs can also be purchased.  100% of proceeds go to Sarnia Lambton Women's Interval Home.  If you would like to donate items please drop off starting today Monday through Wednesday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to Royal LePage Key Realty 546 N Christina Street.  Last day for drop off May 7.

April 1 2013 - KEY HOMES MODEL -  Click on link to view our model

March 28 2013 - GARAGE SALE 4 SHELTER IS BACK - Check out our video!

March 27 2013 - 478 AUTUMN BREEZE - SOLD - Under Construction

March 13 2013 - NEW AND IMPROVED SAVANNAH II - $344,900.00  Build on 1 of 3 lots on Autumn Breeze in popular Rapids Subdivison.  Walking distance to St. Chris' and St. Anne's.    

$364,900  Build on 1 of 3 lots on Autumn Breeze in popular Rapids Subdivison.  Waling distance to St. Chris' and St. Anne's

 - Offical launch date Tuesday May 21st 2012.  The new website will feature detailed information about Key Homes, Key Features of the Home, Floor Plans, and information about Sarnia / Lambton.  A blog will provide local community information about Key Homes, Housing and other home related topics. 

April 25 2012 - GARAGE SALE 4 SHELTER - Key Homes and Royal LePage Key Realty Partner For A Cause - Saturday May 12 2012 marks the First Annual Garage Sale For Shelter.  Visit The Royal LePage Building at 546 N. Christina Street (back parking lot off Napier Street) between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm to purchase an array of items or purchase a pop or coffee.  100% of proceeds will be donated to the Sarnia Womens Interval Home.  If you have any items to donate please contact Madhu Baker at 519-328-8887 for drop off information.  Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions regarding Key Homes or New Developments please use the form below.  Your question may be featured in our blog. 

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