Here is a list of things that you will need for your mortgage broker to approve your application. Having these documents in your first meeting will speed up the application process.

►Purchase and Sale Agreement of the new property
MLS Listing
Unconditional Purchase and Sale Agreement of your current residence (if applicable)
Verification of Down Payment and Closing Costs (1.5% of the purchase price)
•Bank Statements from within the last 90 days showing accumulation of funds
•Statement of RRSP, Stocks, Bonds, GIC’s, etc.
•Signed Gift Letter
Pre-Authorized Cheque Form or Void Cheque
Proof of Income
•Letter from employer confirming position, term of employment and annual gross income or hourly rate and guaranteed hours
•Most recent computerized year-to-date pay slip and/or most current T4
•If including overtime/bonus/commissions, provide T1 General and Notice of Assessment for most recent 3 years
•Self-employed income, provide T1 General and Notice of Assessments for most recent 3 years (Note: In some cases, the Business Financial Statements may be requested)
•Pension income, provide T4A and T1 General and Notice of Assessment
•Rental income, provide the lease agreement (only if property was purchased in the last 12 months) or T1 General, Form T776 and Notice of Assessment
•Separation or divorce agreement (if applicable)

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