What's right for You?

Many buyers surf the net and watch TV real estate shows and think they are equipped to find the right property without a Realtor.  More often than not this leads to very disappointing results.  Below are a few points on why using the right Realtor saves the you money, time and and the frustration of disappointing showings.

1.  Once a property of interest is found on the internet the location is not often given so many are not in the area you wish to be in.  A Realtor can send you the properties that best suit your criteria, budget and are located in the area you wish to be located in. 

2.  Many pictures and descriptions may be misleading or misinterpreted and a showing can be very disappointing and time consuming.  Your agent may preview the property and report to you so that an unnecessary showing of an undesirable property can be avoided saving you time and expensive fuel costs.

3.  When choosing an agent from the area in which you wish to be  located ask about their familiarity with the townships regulations, area lakes, area services etc. to assure that they can serve your best interest in a real estate transaction.

4.  If you are interested in seeing several properties deal with one agent so that they will set up the appointments in the best order to save time and obtain all the information necessary to give you a complete folder on the properties being viewed.

5.  Sign a Buyer Agency agreement with a Realtor so you may receive information as soon as the agent does and not have to wait for the property to be on the public site.  This protects your interests and obligates the Realtor to actively look for properties that meet your criteria. 

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