It is very important to chose an agent that is right for you.  I feel it is equally important to receive the right marketing for the property you wish to sell.  Buyers want to have information readily available and in today's market I aim to keep in step to all the changes necessary to reach the right Buyer for your property.

Step one is to be very familiar with the property you are selling whether it be a home, vacant land or cottage.  I keep in touch with what is available, what properties are selling for and what makes your location and property worth the little bit more you would like to get in the sale price.

Properties listed at my suggested price sold for an average of 97% sell to list ratio this past year  and sold on average within 65 days.  This is much better than the stats on the MLS with average of 92% sell to list ratio and 120 days to sell.  This gives you more money in your pocket from the transaction.

Here are a few of the extra marketing strategies I use to help sell your property for a higher price and in less time.  Certain methods work better depending on the type of property.

1 - I advertise where the target market for your property may be - The Real Estate Section of the Forester, for sale to area residents and visitors to the area, is also on the web.  This has proven as one effective with cottage and waterfront properties.

2 - I distribute, throughout surrounding communities in local businesses and restaurants, updated Property Brochures featuring my listings.  These brochures have attracted many buyers visiting our area and wanting information on relocating here.  This method has proven as one effective with residential properties and vacant land.

3 - Our office ads and brochure attracts buyers the may not have considered our area before.  This has proven excellent for all types of properties but most effective with vacant land.  Of course the site ( formerly MLS) is the most widely used tool for buyers to obtain information.

4 - I also use, mapping on my web site, Kijiji, Real Estate Channel, You Tube, Facebook, Blogger and many other social sites and this type of promotion keeps my listings in the fore front getting wide spead coverage necessary to attract today's buyer.

5 - Because I intimately know this area I am able to personally hand out listing information cards on your property (Tell 20 ).  This is an excellent way reaching buyers by the people already located in your neighbourhood or on a specific lake.  They may have friends or family wishing to move close to them.

6 - I believe that many types of media must be used to get information to the buyers. Other forms of media that I use is Internet of course, radio advertising and giving Buyer seminars.  Being diverse does give me the edge for attracting any possible Buyers for your property.

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