E. Le Page, affectionately known as ‘Eddie’ was the first ‘realtor’ to pick up and drive his clients to listings to view, to advertise his listings in the paper and the first to do virtual tours, long before virtual tours were the trend.

Royal Le Page was the first to put out the Quarterly House Prices and became ‘the voice of Canadian Real Estate.’

Royal LePage has led the real estate industry. We helped found the Toronto Real Estate Board and Ontario Real Estate Association, and set the standards for all other real estate companies to follow. We have expanded across the country so that wherever you want to live, you will find a Royal LePage agent ready to help. We have added new services to help our clients realize their dreams and secure their future. And we remain steadfastly and proudly Canadian. We have never forgotten our roots. Albert LePage was a pioneer whose innovation and belief in customer service helped transform the real estate industry. He built a company based on professionalism, principled conduct and the highest moral and ethical standards. And those principles still guide us in everything we do.

Today, Royal LePage has approximately 14,000 real estate agents and REALTORS(r) in more than 600 locations across Canada. Over the years, we've learned a lot about real estate and how to provide the best possible service for our clients. Since the mid-1990s, Royal LePage has more than tripled the size of its sales force and almost doubled its market share. Throughout our successes, we remain dedicated to helping you through the real estate process. Our commitment to innovation and customer service is as strong as ever. (c) Brookfield Real Estate Services Limited.

In 1995 Royal Le Page took Canadian Real Estate on-line and now Royal Le Page has been given an award for their mobile app.

History of Royal LePage - The Early Years

1913 - Albert LePage founds A.E. LePage, and is the first real estate agent in Canada to make a full-time business of selling homes. His staunch belief in personalservice and commitment to innovation will transform the way real estate is sold.

1920 - Albert LePage helps establish the Toronto Real Estate Board to set professional standards in the industry.1922 - Albert LePage helps found the Ontario Real Estate Association to organize real estate activities across the province, promote higher industry standards,
protect the public from unscrupulous salespeople, and preserve property rights.

1940 - Albert LePage creates one of Toronto's first subdivisions, dividing Lady Eaton's Ardwold Gate Estate (near Toronto's historic Casa Loma) into 30 lots.

1953 - Albert LePage retires, selling 80% of the company to his nephew, Jim Collett, and to his colleagues Brian McGee and Ron Sanderson.

Growth and Expansion

1957 - President Gordon Gray orchestrates one of the most complex real estate deals to date, assembling land for the construction of the $125 million Toronto Dominion Centre. Buoyed by its success, A.E. LePage expands strongly into commercial real estate (operating today as Cushman & Wakefield LePage).

1964 - A.E. LePage offers a new service to help companies across Canada with
employee relocations. (The service now operates under Brookfield Global Relocation

The 1970s - A.E. LePage becomes a national real estate company, acquiring smaller companies across Canada and adding new services. It launches its first national advertising program, the Carriage Trade luxury properties program, the Town and Country Catalogue, and the quarterly Survey of Canadian House Prices. The company centers the United States marketplace with the acquisition of 20% of Coldwell Banker.

1984 - A.E. LePage merges with the real estate arm of Royal Trust to form Royal LePage, making it the largest real estate brokerage company in the country.

1987 - Royal LePage becomes a publicly traded company with the majority owner, Trilon Financial Corporation, holding 54% of the stock.

1994 - Royal LePage offers a franchise system, and rapidly grows its network by attracting leading independent brokerages and those from competing brands, including Johnston & Daniel

1995 - Royal LePage launches
royallepage.ca, "Canada's Real Estate Portal," which is one of the most popular Canadian real estate sites.

1997 - Royal LePage further expands its network across Canada by acquiring Realty
World Services, a national network of over 2,500 agents and REALTORS (r).

1998 - Royal LePage launches the Shelter Foundation, providing financial support to local shelters and supporting education on violence prevention.

1999 - Royal LePage becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Brascan Corporation.

2003 - The Royal LePage Franchise Services Fund is listed on the TSE. Royal LePage acquires Groupe Trans-Action, a Quebec realty firm with over 80 offices.

2006 - Our network climbs to over 12,000 agents and REALTORS(r). Many franchisees and agents join the network throughout the year.

2007 - The Royal LePage network surpasses 13,000 real estate agents. Our brand, product offerings and training vehicles are attracting new offices and agents in record numbers.

2008 - Royal LePage celebrates 95 years since founder Albert LePage started a business on the guiding principles of customer service and innovation. Today, Royal LePage is leader in Canadian real estate. (c) Brookfield Real Estate Services Ltd.

2013 – Royal Le Page proudly celebrates their 100
th Anniversary and with a sales force of 14,000 strong we are still and will forever be committed to:
Knowledge, Trust, Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Success!

The Royal LePage Network

With nearly 14,000 agents and REALTORS(r), Royal LePage has an unparalleled network of real estate offices across the country. Not only do we have the best access to the homes (and homebuyers) in the Canadian market, our Canadian partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World(r) (the world's largest referral network with over 127,000 associates worldwide) gives your property exposure to buyers from around the globe.

We support our agents so they can support you.

We offer all of our agents and REALTORS(r) - from those serving tiny communities to those in major urban centres - strong support from our national pool of knowledge, skill and technical expertise. We regularly invest time, money and resources to develop and provide the resources and tools they need to best market your home, including the following:
  • Up-to-date information about local market conditions
  • Quarterly housing reports
  • Creative brochures and newspaper ads to showcase your home
  • Effective Web design and listings on royallepage.ca
  • Ongoing negotiation, marketing and technical training
Our Commitment to Technology

Royal LePage invests millions in information technology to ensure speedy
communications, improve the flow of information, and make sure our messages reach the widest possible audience:

  • Serious communication technology means you can always reach us.
  • State-of-the-art analytical tools offer marketing information you can trust.
  • Our cutting-edge promotional tools are professional and persuasive.
Plus, you have access to Canada's first real estate web site, which is regularly upgraded to meet changing, needs.

(c) Brookfield Real Estate Services Ltd.

Royal LePage Key Realty Brokerage

In 1999, Doug Bain, Broker/Owner of Coldwell Banker 1st Sarnia made the move to Royal LePage Real Estate. Doug felt that the both Realtors and Clients would benefit from the Royal Le Page's franchise and their commitment to education, growth and technology. In 2003 Doug decided to change the company's name from Royal LePage 1st Sarnia to its current name Royal LePage Key Realty Brokerage. In 2006 Doug branded the building at 546 N. Christina Street with its Royal LePage signs on either side and office directory signs found in the front and back of the building.

The Royal LePage building was born, now visible from Sarnia's downtown core and the 402. As of 2010 Royal LePage Key Realty Brokerage is made up of Doug Bain, Broker/Owner, Leo Lozier, Manager, 64 Realtors, 4 assistants and 4 administrative professionals.

(c) www.LynneBrady.com

In the Community

  Royal LePage Key Realty                                           
  Annual Pumpkin Drive For Local Suicide Hotline

   For the last 10 years Royal LePage Key Realty has hosted their Annual Pumpkin Drive  
   raising over $14,000 for the Sarnia Girls Home, a member of St. Clair Child and
   Youth.  When the Girls Home Closed in 2011, as a company it was decided to continue to
   support our local youth by donating funds to the Suicide Hotline and Suicide Prevention.    
   The Pumpkin Drive is normally 2 weeks prior to Halloween at 546 N. Christina Street. In
   2009 Lynne handed out more than 100 pumpkins to her clients and made a donation on
   their behalf.

Colouring Contest For Kids
For the last 10 years Royal LePage Key Realty has hosted their Annual Colouring Contest for Kids in early November. Children 5 to 10 are invited to submit their coloured page that can be found in the Sarnia Observer's Real Estate Guide and win a gift certificate to Toys R Us.

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation
We help more than 30,000 woman and children each year. The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is Canada's largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to funding women's shelters and violence prevention and education programs. Because we believe in the importance of giving back to the community, Royal LePage is the only Canadian real estate company to have our own charitable foundation. All of the administrative costs of the Shelter Foundation are underwritten so that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to helping our cause. Royal LePage real estate agents and their clients are working to create safer homes and safer communities by contributing more than $10 million since 1999 to help women and children across Canada. Through donating a portion of their commission on the purchase or sale of your property, our agents are helping bring hope and provide shelter for those who need it most. Our brokers, agents and staff also provide volunteer time and in-kind goods, and hold special community events to help raise funds and awareness to end family violence for more than 30,000 women and children who take refuge in a shelter each year.

In 2012, Royal LePage Key Realty joined Royal LePage branches across the country to support local Women's Shelter's with their Annual Garage Sale 4 Shelter.  Over $1,000.00 was raised for the Sarnia Lambton Women's Interval Home.  The Garage Sale is held Mother's Day weekend each year.  Look for information at www.RoyalKey.ca

Lynne in the Community
Each year Lynne tries to give back to the community by speaking on behalf of Organ Donation and participating in various events both locally and in London through University Hospital.  As a double lung transplant receipant of 19 years in 2013 Lynne is happy to share her story of hope.

Both of Lynne's daughters, Shannon Brady and Julie Brady-Campbell have been advocates with the local Canadian Cancer Society volenteering time on various commitees and fund raising events. 

(c) www.LynneBrady.com


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