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The DENNIS Team - Remax Twin City

Lately we worked with Dennis to sell our house. We are happy to share our story with larger audiences. 

Our case is unique for two reasons: 1) before working with Dennis, we used a "sale-by-owner" model through a commission-free real estate network, 2) we have to work partially remotely with him. However. dennis turns these things to a successful sale, and takes approximately only 20 days to have our house sold. Our story should be interesting one :)

The "sale-by-owner" model could be considered as a "not-success" to us: listing on the market for more then 120 days without results, and almost passed the best season in the year to sell a house. At the meanwhile I am in west coast, and my wife in Waterloo. This definitely increases the difficulties of the sale from many aspects.

The first meeting with Dennis was through "FaceTime", it was more than one-hour long, and it turned out to be a pleasant experience. His professional expertise/experience earn our trusts in Day 1. The amazing team behind distance and time difference are not a problem in our case; all the communications and latest updates/information can be done through a variety of channels as FaceTime, emails or phone calls, and in a timely fashion. Dennis also plays a key role in defensing the best value of our house in the negotiation stage.

It was a great experience working with Dennis; we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for realtor. If anyone wants more details, ask Dennis for our contact information, we would be happy to go into more details

Hanxing & Hui

Considering some less-than-positive we've had over the years with real estate agents, working with Dennis was refreshing experience !

We've bought and sold many homes, and have worked with many different agents in the past. But until now, we had never worked with anyone who was able to earn trust and respect so quickly.

Dennis was approchable, honest, and committed to selling our home for top value. We had initially tried selling our home privately-and even though we weren't successful, still, we were skeptical about entrusting the sale of our home with an agent. Dennis was amazing to work with from Day 1, and he sold our home so quickly. We were particularly impressed with his advice when it came to price negotiations. When we were down to the final negotations, he encouraged us to hold out for extra $ 2,000 on the final selling price. That's money we would have missed out on, were it not for his expertise and guidance.

He was also succesful in helping us find a home that we are extremly happy with. He took our needs and wants very seriously, and tailored he recommendations and suggestions to us-no cookie-cutter solutions.

Dennis exeeded our expectations in every way, and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.


Ryan Jacobs
Tracy Klasen - Jacobs

We would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided on our latest house sale. This is the second time we have used you to sell our home and both times you provided us with unbiased opinions and timely answers to all our questions. We were surprised that you went over and above even after our house sold.

Our house sold in the first week at nearly asking after multiple offers. We appreciate that you continued to guide us through the rest of the sale and that you were always available to answer a question or provide us with advice.

Our experience working with Dennis was great and we would definitely recommend him to anyone for a Realtor in the area.

Ryan, Jenn and Emily


We would like to recommend Mr. Dennis Mehravar to represent any seller or buyer. We are expressing our pleasure to deal with him. We never could sold our house with the right price and with short time frame without his experience. He sold our house withing 10 days for the right price. We never thought selling house will be easy, but yes it's easy if you are in good hand. Dennis is honest, strategic, and utterly professional, he also understands the market exceedingly well. He guided us through the entire process. We credit Dennis with a smooth, stress free home selling experience. He helped us to buy our dream house and he helped us to sell our house. He is the best !

Thank you again.....


I wanted to finally thank you for your top notch services. We are so happy to have used you once again. We have used other agents prior to finding you and they do not compare to you. What was very valuable as a client was your honesty, patience and the rapid response time when I emailed you with questions or wanted to view houses especially last minute as there were many of them. You told us that we would find a house and not to settle and you were right ! Very pleased that we found the house we have been waiting for just like you promised would happen and making sure we didn't settle for just any house :) Thank you !!
If I can provide a verbal recommendation to any future clients please have them call me. I would be pleased to speak to them and go into detail about what Dennis Mehravar is really about :) Would be my pleasure !

Kim & Karl

Dear Dennis,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for finding the perfect house for us and making the whole process of 'looking for a house-making an offer-buying' absolutely painless and seamless for us. You were very active in looking for the house that would meet our criteria, and when we finally found one - you were acting in the best of our interest. Your advices were priceless and your help is hard to overestimate. If we ever going to sell/buy a house in KW - we don't need to look for an agent, we'll call you! It's been our 4th month in the new house - still loving it. Thank you, Dennis!

Dear Dennis !

We want to thank you wholeheartedly for all your impressive work. We are very happy you were both our selling and buying agents, it was a great luck for us, we recommend you to all our friends and acquaintances !

When we decided to change the house, we were ver frustrated and even scared of process; especially selling our house. But you made it a breeze ! ... Our home sold in 6 days for the price higher then we expected that was absolutely amazing !
We interviewed several agents but you were the one who LISTENED to us, our needs, and from the very beginning we felt we could trust you which is very important.

Looking for a new house for us was also not as easy as it might have seemed to us in the beginning, perhaps we appeared to be picky clients... we want to specially thank you for your patience! Besides, your advices were invaluable, not to mention that bargained the house for us for a very good price !

We hope to stay in our house for a while because we like it, but if we have to sell it - you will be our agent again !

We wish you success in your busness and thank you again !

Nadya, Slava and Aaron

The service we received from Dennis was exceptional! We would have not asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the buying and selling process. We were kept up to date throughout the sale of our house and felt extremely confident in his knowledge of the market. While looking for our new home we always felt in control of our decision - not once did we feel pressured to make decision. Dennis made the process of viewing houses fun and we looked forward to our viewing with him. Our experience working with Dennis was great and we would definitely recommend him to anyone for a Realtor in the area.

Jo & Josh
We listed our home twice with Dennis, the first time we changed our minds shortly into selling, Dennis was great! He let us remove our listing and wished us well. He told us when we were ready to feel free to call - And we did! our experience was different then the usual, we had already bought a house in a different city and really needed to sell ours. He was patience and ALWAYS understanding especially with my husbands very negative feelings. Dennis always kept the faith, told us stories he experienced personally and professional with similar circumstances. He always made us feel important and never had a moment of fear as my husband did. We were coming down to the end and we still hadn't sold. " another week " Dennis would say. And although he had to say it twice- HE WAS RIGHT!

I am happy we sold our home and happy to move buy I am sad if I need to sell again I'll need to find another realtor in my new city. Dennis was always a phone call or a text away! We couldn't have done it without him! I would recommend Dennis to anyone!

Jennifer & David Riehl
We contract Dennis to sell our home in Baden and are happy to report a successful closing. We believe the successful sale of our home was due to the terrific work Dennis did on our behalf. Dennis was always polite and professional and very hard working. He staged and advertised the property out of his own buget, he paid personal attention to all details of the sale, and he showed up for the viewings. He communicated all feedback on the viewings and kept us informed of all movement on the property. We are truly grateful for his diligent effort on our behalf and we will gladly recommend his services to other home sellers.

Mike & Judy Savage

Dear Dennis

We would like to thank you for your outstanding service and commitment in the sale of my parent's home.

Your in-depth knowledge of the real estate market within the region where their house is located was evident during the initial interview. Your straight forward talk approach outlining the services that you and your team were bringing to the table along with your professional demeanor was the deciding factor in choosing you over your competition.

Your recommendations from the listing value to what should be changed or addressed prior to the actual listing in the MLS were invaluable and obviously on the mark considering the result achieved within seven days of listing. The awards that you have received in recent years are well deserved and a testament to your ethics, service and sales results.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needs to sell property in the region(s) that you operate in. It has been a pleasure to do business with such a professional and look forward to working together again should the need arise in the future.

Best Regards,
Bernhard M. Platz
Manfred & Hilde Platz
Hi Dennis

We would like to thank you for your professional service in helping us selling our Waterloo home. Your knowledge and experience have paid an important role in pricing our home correctly on the market and it was sold in a short period of time and at full asking price. You had explained every term to us clearly and steered us through start to closing. I would highly recommend Dennis to whoever plans to sell their home not to miss the chance of first meeting with him and to see the difference!

The Cheung's family

Dear Dennis,


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you provided when we were selling our home. Your approach helped ensure that we had a very positive experience. We particularly appreciated your regular contact with us during the preparation for sale process and the marketing period.

The services you provided were outstanding and we believe that without these we would not have sold our home as quickly. Our home sold in four days and we were pleased to obtain our full asking price.The services of your stager were most helpful as we followed her advice and our home presented most effectively. This effectiveness was captured by your photographer who created a wonderful video tour which drew a constant stream of potential buyers to our door.

When potential buyers requested a viewing you notified us in a timely manner and made other agents aware of the features of our home. If you were unavailable a member of your team was at our service and they too were very professional. It is clear that your group is a solid team that shares a philosophy of client service that should be the envy of others.

During the offer negotiation process your advice was well thought out and accurate. When you spoke on our behalf, to agents of potential buyers, our interests were well represented and you insured that we remained in the best bargaining position.

We would highly recommend your services to others. You and your team are outstanding in their support of clients an their ability to make clients feel confident during the selling process. This is not the first home we have sold, but it is the best experience we have had in selling.

Please pass on our kudos the rest of your team. Thank you all for your efforts.


Robert & Olga Malott

Re: Dennis Mehravar

Recently my  husband and I decided to relocate from our present home and listed our house privately. In the past we had been successful in selling privately than to "give away" our commission.

We had a number of agents contact us during that time...about 10 a week. While we were willing to work with an agent (ie. to give them commission), we were skeptical and somewhat untrusting of agents. We definitely had no intention of listing with one!

Dennis Mehravar called one day and asked if he could come to our open house. From the moment we met Dennis we were very impressed. Dennis has an exceptional gift in being able to relate to people and make them feel comfortable, and yet is an excellent salesman! In fact he had us convinced to list with him before our time was over. That in itself is incredible. We were impressed that he could convince skeptics like us!!

During our time of listing with Dennis, he lived up to every expectation we had of him and more. He followed through on every thing he said he would do. While our contacts through advertising began to dry uo, Dennis aggressively advertised and had frequent showings. He was encouraging, supportive and understanding ( even when we became stressed and impatient). As we watched him interact with other agents (during the offer process) we saw his professionalism and his wisdom. He really knows what he is doing. He gave us such a confidence.

At the end of the day, we ended up getting more for our house that we expected, and actually walked away with more in our pocket that if we had sold privately.

Our experience with Dennis has truly been exceptional. We would not hesitate to recommend him.


Kim & Todd Lester

Looking for a great Real Estate Agent...look no more! Dennis Mehravar is truly a diamond of all agents.

Writing this testimonial is easy because there is so many great things to be said about Dennis!

When I first put my house on the market, I was listed with another agent for almost 2 months. I was no very pleased with the results I was seeing. When my contract expired I decided to try & sell my house on my own as I felt I couldn't trust signing on with another sales agent.

Dennis had noticed that I had my house listed as a private sale, he contacted me by phone and asked how things were going for me, I did not feel pressured at all when speaking with Dennis, he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. We decided to set up an appointment so he could come through my house to have a look.

While Dennis was going through my house he impressed me with his knowledge and expertise so much so that I signed on with him immediately.

My house was only listed with Dennis for 4 days and was sold on the forth day at my asking price and the date that I wanted for moving.

He made things easy & simple and a weight was lifted off my shoulders, Dennis was truly terrific.

I cannot recommend Dennis Mehravar enough, there is no doubt in my mind you will be delighted with your results.

Thank You
Sheri Keeley

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