Referrals are the term realtors use when clients and friends refer other prospective clients to them for real estate services.

Referrals between realtors is a more professional relationship whereby a contract for payment of a referral fee payable to the referring agent is agreed upon.

I have a few favourite agents who I have met at professional events, courses, or know personally, to whom I can recommend clients with confidence.These agents reciprocate by referring their clients for service in theBelleville,Prince Edward County, Quinte  area to me. I can also conduct research within a specific community, to find the best agent with the best marketing, internet presence, and communicate by test email to find out more about a particular agent in order to gather the required information to  make recommendations to friends and clients.
The fee paid between referring agents is paid by the agents and not the seller or buyer client BUT it can affect the level of service you receive and MAY NOT necessarily be in your best interest.
Nothing is as perfect as it seems. If your agent is suggesting a referral,don't just agree and get yourself committed, without a little more information due diligence by  your agent. You want to know that his referral will not just benefit him financially, but be a carefully and well chosen referral that will serve your interests best.
Its all about integrity and protecting your personal interest by doing the homework and insisting on a higher level of service. If done well and with your best interest at heart, a good referral is a very valuable contribution to your house hunting and home selling sucess.

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