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New Rosseau River Bridge to be Built
Living where we do in the Muskoka region, we are surrounded by natural beauty, and this is one of the big attractions here. But sometimes nature makes us take a detour, and we have to adjust to keep everyone safe. This was the case last summer when the Rosseau River Bridge on Highway 141 was closed. Erosion was discovered, nature was taking over.

The Rosseau River Bridge has been under abutment repairs for a while now, but during the last review in August 2015, there was an emergency closure put in place. The abutment footing on the west side of the bridge had eroded to the point of making the bridge unsafe for any vehicles to cross. A plan was needed from the ministry to get a new bridge designed and installed. In a recent announcement, the new design is done, now we just need to wait for the proposal process to find a winning bidder, then build the new bridge.

Ministry engineers have noted they expect construction to begin by June, with two lanes open once again by the fall, provided there are no weather delays. Since the bridge was first closed, a detour to Muskoka Road 3 directed traffic away from the crossing. In October 2015, temporary repairs were done to allow for one lane of traffic. As one of the main roads into Rosseau, getting a new bridge built along Highway 141 is vital not only for everyone’s safety, but for the town as well, which has long been a popular vacation retreat.
We are grateful the issues were found before anyone was hurt, and are excited to see the new Rosseau River Bridge once it is done. When you are ready to buy or sell property in the Huntsville or the Muskoka region, the Wearing & Parrott Team is the team you can trust. We put our expertise in real estate, and our knowledge of the area to work for you. Get the most out of your move, contact Rick and Sandra today by phone: 705-788-3535 or by email at

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