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Huntsville Embraces the Night Sky

Being away from a major metropolitan area, such as Toronto has many benefits, especially when it comes to enjoying the natural beauty found in Huntsville. In our town, the view of nighttime skies is a particularly spectacular one, but it could be even better. To help lessen light pollution from our night skies, a new by-law was passed by the Town of Huntsville earlier this year.

This new by-law is set to encourage everyone, businesses and residents, to use their exterior night lighting wisely. Working with the International Dark Sky Association, Huntsville has new lighting requirements for any new construction and developments. Those with existing exterior lighting have until 2026 to comply with the new by-law.

So how can exterior lights be changed to make a difference the to the night sky? When lighting is set up to light specific areas, a doorway or walkway for example, there is less light pollution to contend with. Often lights are simply pointing the wrong way, towards the sky, instead of lighting an intended area. Different types of fixtures also can make a difference. LED lights are not only bright enough to light your way, they are also eco-friendly and cost efficient.

Light pollution is something towns like Huntsville are taking seriously. There is more to lessening artificial night lights than star gazing. Lessening light pollution helps wildlife and is healthier for people too. When day/night cycles are interrupted by bright night lights, the natural cycles for many animals can be disrupted; for sensitive creatures this can have a devastating effect. For people, we can live healthier and have more energy when our own circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle, is in sync with natural hours of day and night.

With the vast number of lights spread across the globe at night, there are now people, especially children, who have not seen just how incredible and awe-inspiring a true starry night can be. With this new by-law, Huntsville, and other communities around the world, are embracing the night sky by lessening the effects of artificial lights.

If you own a home, cottage or condo in the Huntsville area, check your own lights, you may be surprised at how many more stars you can see when lighting adjustments are made. If you are in the market for a home, cottage or condo, you can be assured that the night sky in Huntsville will continue to shine brightly. You can also be assured of care and expertise when you put the Wearing-Parrott team to work for you. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!
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