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Muskoka Region Receives $2.8 Million from FedNor

The Muskoka region has long played an important role in Northern Ontario’s economic development. It takes a variety of businesses and industries working together with communities to thrive. Getting support from government projects and organizations aids in ongoing economic development, and helps ensure a vibrant future for generations to come. FedNor is ready to infuse Muskoka with funding to help enhance current economic development projects, and create future growth.

The Huntsville Doppler published the FedNor Announcement of a $2.8 Million Funding Project. A variety of Huntsville groups and businesses in the Muskoka Region will receive funds. The businesses and organizations will use the funds to strengthen the economy with new jobs and resources.

The six organizations benefiting include:
  • Algonquin Natural Stone (Huntsville)
  • Muskoka Chautauqua
  • Muskoka Millwrighting & Machining (Huntsville)
  • Muskoka North Good Food Co-Op (Huntsville)
  • Parry Sound-Muskoka Community Network
  • The Township of Strong

It is vital that the funding from FedNor is spread around to a variety of industries and community resources, to provide sustainable growth without being dependent on one niche area, and to allow stronger organic growth in the region. This is the main goal of FedNor, which is known as the Federal Partner for Northern Ontario.

For this latest release of project funding, the main goal is to help stimulate economic growth within regional businesses and industries. The project funding will also create new jobs and bring in innovative technology and services from which Muskoka and its residents will benefit.
We are excited to see what will develop here in Muskoka with the FedNor funding. As our businesses and industries grow, so too shall our communities. If you happen to be in the market to buy or sell a cottage, home or condo in and around the Huntsville - Muskoka area put the care and expertise of The Rick Wearing & Sandra Parrott Team to work for you. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!

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