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Take Your Muskoka Yard to the Next Level

Throughout the Muskoka region, you are likely to see homes with beautifully landscaped gardens and yards. The topography of this area lends itself easily to incorporate rolling hills, terraced ledges and forested acreage surrounding many a cottage. Now that spring has finally arrived, if your yard and garden are due for an update, there are some unique ways in which you can take your yard up to the next level when it comes to landscape ideas. has recently published a list of growing trends in yard and garden landscaping, many of which will fit in perfectly with the Muskoka cottage lifestyle. One of these trends we have already talked about, in our blog, Create a Backyard Habitat in Your Garden. Beyond this amazing and environmentally friendly idea, another one can be just as helpful to the environment. Rain gardens make use of run-off water from your home’s gutters, helping to redirect rain water to help keep a garden thriving. The key to a rain garden is to create a shallow, sloped garden space, forming a small gulley in effect, within your yard. Once the land is prepared, adding plants which can absorb and filter water run-off keeps this type of garden almost care-free.

Another trend is to lessen the amount of lawn in your yard. Often this is done by adding in a patio space, or creating a floral garden with pathways. The less lawn you have the less there is to maintain, as grass takes more time and energy to care for compared to flowering shrubs and bushes. You can also incorporate vegetable and herb plants into your yard, often these plants have colorful blooms adding greatly to their appeal. Perennials such as lavender and rosemary, once established, can almost take care of themselves. With a new patio, you are adding living space to your property, outdoor living rooms are becoming more common, and it is easy to see why, especially around Huntsville and the Muskoka region. We love the outdoors here, the beauty and natural serenity to be experienced here is second to none. Why not make time outside in your yard more appealing with a comfortable patio?

Speaking of Patios, two trends which are continuing to gain in popularity help set the mood and ambiance of any outdoor living room space. LED lighting is a low-cost and impactful way to liven up your yard. Solar options allow you to choose just where you want these lights to go as well. Lighting up pathways is particularly beneficial if you have your home listed, as they help a property feel more inviting. Backyard fire pits can also add big impact to the mood of your yard and garden. Lately, homeowners are getting into the idea of being creative with what is essentially an outdoor fireplace. Stone and brick offer a wide range of design options; there are even do-it-yourself kits now available at some home improvement stores. A permanent fire pit adds design drama and an ideal focal point for your yard, the perfect place to spend time with family and friends.

When you have a yard and garden you can relax in and enjoy, life is that much better here in Muskoka cottage country. If you happen to be in the market for a cottage, home or condo in and around the Huntsville area, put the care and expertise of the Wearing Parrott team to work for you. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!

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