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Everyone Will be Able to Play at Huntsville Public School​

Huntsville is a community that cares. This has been seen time and again through a wide range of programs and events. The desire to help others and give everyone access to community resources has even become evident with our younger generation of school aged kids. The students at Huntsville Public School have spearheaded an amazing project for a new, all access playground, so everyone can play.

Easy access to resources which promote a healthy and active lifestyle, helps kids of all ages to not only learn well, but to continue into their adult years with established healthy habits. When all children, regardless of physical abilities have access to playgrounds, the whole community wins. Soon there will be such a playground at Huntsville Public School, thanks in large part to the students themselves.

An article recently published by the Huntsville Doppler highlights the efforts being made by students and school staff to raise funds for a new, fully accessible playground. The current playground doesn’t have wheelchair access points, making it difficult for those with limited mobility to enjoy this important aspect of life in Huntsville. With the school playground being a community gathering place beyond school days, once completed, people of all ages and abilities will have a wonderful new interactive play structure to enjoy.

All accessible playgrounds go beyond providing areas where wheelchairs can go. Interactive play can also be possible for children with vision or hearing impairments, as well as other mobility challenges. Play is an integral part of children’s lives, not only for the activity it provides, but also as a way to socialize and connect with others. An all accessible playground is an ideal way to foster community connections.
Currently funds are being raised to get the new playground built, including some events coming up, a Spring Extravaganza on June 9th and a concert on June 14th, are both opportunities for the community to help support this amazing project. The plan is to have the new playground built in time for the next school year.

Innovative projects such as this new all access playground exemplify just how much Huntsville is a community which cares. If you happen to be in the market for a cottage, home or condo in and around the Huntsville area, put the care and expertise of the Rick Wearing & Sandra Parrott Team to work for you. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!

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