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Buddy Benches Foster Friendships for Huntsville Kids
cmp3.10.3.3Lq3 0x435ef1ffOne of the biggest draws for people moving to Huntsville and the Muskoka region is the sense of community found here. From a first visit for a weekend holiday, to on-going friendly connections with neighbourhoods and residents, Huntsville is a wonderful place to raise a family. Our pride in community connections has just gotten a new, well-deserved boost. When kids return to school in Huntsville this fall, they will see a new feature in two school yards, Buddy Benches.
As reported in a recent Doppler Online article, Buddy Benches offer school kids a chance to make friendship connections with compassion at the core. According to the article, a Huntsville resident with local volunteers spearheaded the project, which has resulted in two Huntsville schools receiving a Buddy Bench through grants and community fundraising events.
Buddy Benches are special benches installed in school playgrounds to help lonely or socially shy kids have a safe and welcoming way to connect with other kids. Started in European schools, an American student learned about Buddy Benches in 2013, and worked with grade school teachers and staff to set up a bench of their own.
Buddy Benches have a special sign included and can be brightly painted to help kids understand, those who choose to sit on the bench are in need of a friend.  Kids are naturally compassionate. To have this kind of resource available makes it easier for other children to know when someone needs a friend. The Buddy Bench program has seen many new friendships begun. The idea was so popular, an organization was created to help spread the message; and now Buddy Benches are popping up everywhere, including in Huntsville.
Come this September, Spruce Glen and V.K. Greer Public Schools in Huntsville and Port Sydney will have a Buddy Bench, with more to come at other Muskoka schools. The Buddy Bench is an idea which supports community like none other, and is a perfect addition for the Town of Huntsville.
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