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Burn Safely with Huntsville and Lake of Bays Open-Air Burning Rules​

This week the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department sent out a reminder to residents: the daytime open-air burn ban is still in effect throughout October. The burn ban has been in effect since April 1st, constituting the season of after-dark burning. The regulations mainly apply to outdoor or “open air” fires, and is important to follow, as our region becomes quite dry during the warmer months.

Be sure to limit the size of your fire. Recreational burning should stay in a radius of 2 feet by 2 feet, while a burn pile can be up to 2 meters by 2 meters. Fires should also be kept a safe distance from all residences, outbuildings and any other combustible piles. These measures will help keep your home, sheds, and neighbourhoods safe. Also, ensure your fire's smoke will not obscure any roads inhibiting safe driving.

The open-air burn ban also affects what you can burn. Yard debris, painted or treated wood, and similar things cannot be burned (Muskoka Waste Management has disposal guildelines for this). For your burn pile, include only dry, seasoned wood and brush, as it will limit sparks and lower the chance of starting a fire. For your fire pit, you should use charcoal, briquettes, or dry seasoned wood.

To further increase safety, the regulations state the fire must be attended and maintained by a “competent adult”. Keep a water source, such as a hose nearby to extinguish the fire when finished and as a safety precaution. For your burn pile, have a secondary method of eliminating the fire handy to ensure you are successful. If you are unsure what kind of method you need, Lake of Bays has a good breakdown on extinguishers and how to use them. If at any time you don’t feel safe, call the fire department.

Only burn between the hours of 6pm to 8am. Never start a burn if the weather is unfavourable. Check to see if there is a smog or fog alert before burning, and do not burn if the wind is predicted to go over 30mph. Windy and foggy nights can cause sparks to fly and fan a fire quickly.

The Town of Huntsville has released the brochure as a PDF; you can refer to it for any questions. Muskokoa 411 also published a breakdown of the entire brochure for a quick read. As always, be safe when burning.

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