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Liven Up Your Muskoka Cottage Landscape for Winter


Each season across the Muskoka region has its own beauty and attractions, many of which draw people to live here year-round. Winter can be a tough season to navigate through however, with harsher weather, and significantly less daylight. Even with our longer nights, you can still liven up your home to keep away winter blues. Plenty of lighting can make a big difference inside, but what about outside?

The key is to add colour throughout your yard and garden, and to the exterior of our home. A quick way to do this is to paint focal points of interest in bright, bold shades. Reds and blues offer a pleasing contrast against winter-grey skies. Areas to consider giving a new coat of paint include gates and fences, porch or deck railings, and exterior doors; the front, back and even garage doors are great focal points for a splash of colour.

You can also liven up your landscape by creating a living space outdoors. Many homes across the region have a Muskoka room, often connected to a deck or patio. Adding a firepit to your outdoor living room will not only bring some extra warmth, but encourage family members and visitors alike to enjoy the beauty of winter more. Updating or adding to your exterior lighting is another quick and easy way to brighten up your yard and garden during the winter months.

Another wonderful way to add colour to your landscape is through plants. There are many evergreen shrubs which boast bright blooms or berries through the winter months. Holly is a great example, with its bright red berries which make a big impact in any garden. There is also a deciduous type of holly, also known as winterberry. While the leaves on these plants may fall, the berries can be enjoyed throughout the winter. Other plants which can provide a dramatic splash of red include Firethorn and Red Osier Dogwood with its bright red branches.

HGTV has some great ideas to inspired livening up your Muskoka cottage landscape. When you are ready to buy or sell your property, working with a local, experienced real estate resource can be inspiring as well. Put the care and expertise of The Rick Wearing & Sandra Parrott Team to work for you, and find out for yourself. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!

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