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Business Category    Location    Description
Apex Business Machines
352 Riverside Dr.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 1H7
Phone: 705.674.4472
Contact: Jamie Fabbro at 705.674.4472 or email:
Sudbury Specialists in Point-of-Sale solutions, Inventory Management Tools and business machine sales.
Beef 'n Bird
923 Lorne St.
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 705.675.7833
Contact: Anthony Toppazzini at 705.675.7833 or email:
Sudbury Iconic sports bar offering traditional pub fare and daily specials, multiple TV's for the big game and the infamous 'Porketta Bingo'!
Bluewave Energy - Sudbury
17 Duhamel Rd.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3Y 1L3
Phone: 705.692.5447
Home Maintenance
Sudbury Home heating oil/propane supplier.
Boris J. Fesyk - Weaver Simmons
233 Brady St.
Sudbury, ON
P3B 4H5
Phone: 705.674.6421
Cas's Natural Brewhouse
450 Second Ave. N.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3B 4V4
Phone: 705.524.3900
Fax: 705.524.3999
Contact: Rob Castron at 705.524.3900 or email:
Fun Stuff
Sudbury Excellent brewhouse experience offering wine making, beer making, juices, accessories and much more! Local Magnotta Winery Distributor! Be sure to ask for THE CASWELL TEAM DISCOUNT!
Castle Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
581 Edna St.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3C 3P1
Phone: 705.671.8014
Home Maintenance
Sudbury Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing experts.
College Pro Painters
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 800.32.PAINT
Contact: Eric Lavergne-Giroux at 705.918.0143 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury Free estimates!
Dan The Handyman
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 705.669.9534
Contact: Dan at 705.669.9534 or email:
Sudbury Residential repairs, roofing, decks/fences, curbs, landscaping, drywall, painting, tree cutting and more. Free estimates!
Enviro Energy
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 888.234.4722
Contact: Jim Pitre at 705.930.5520 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury Renewable energy specialist offering solar sales & installations, wind turbines, inverters, water turbines and more. Offering the microFIT program!
Enviro Paving
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 800.206.6097
Contact: Jeff Sampson at 705.665.8864 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury Ideal solution for old, cracked surfaces. Covers or replaces any surface including concrete, asphalt, gravel, dirt, wood, paving/patio stones. 100% recycled material!
Furnace Direct
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 705.688.6321
Contact: Casey Khorrami at 705.688.6321 or email:
Home Maintenance
Sudbury Heating, Air Conditioning & Indoor Air Quality. Free consultations and be sure to ask for THE CASWELL TEAM DISCOUNT!
Futurescape Landscaping
280 McFarlane Lake Rd.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3G 1M4
Phone: 705.522.1511
Fax: 705.522.1154
Contact: Ryan Lachance at 705.677.4404 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury Full line of landscaping products and ideas. Featuring the WonderTote Bag - call for details!
Geoff Phillips - Financial Advisor
1349 Lasalle Blvd
Sudbury, ON
P3A 1Z2
Phone: 705.566.2458 ext: 350
Fax: 705.566.5848
Great Lakes Engineered Coatings
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 705.522.6227
Contact: Andy Bateman at 705.665.1439 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury Specializing in insulating wall & foundation coatings, non-slip step & deck coatings and insulating interior/exterior paints.
Greater Sudbury Utilities (GSU)
500 Regent Street
P.O. Box 250
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 4P1
Phone: 705.675.7536
Fax: 705.671.1413
Contact: Customer Service at 705.675.7536 or email:
Handy Andy
2210 Hwy 537
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 4N1
Phone: 705.694.9939
Contact: Andy McClellan at 705.694.9939 or email:
Sudbury Small renos and repairs.
Home Inspections Plus
3572 Long Lake Road
Sudbury, ON
P3E 1J9
Contact: Chris Ransom at 705.688.2605 or email:
Home Inspection
Hugh A Doig Professional Corporation
254 Larch St.
Sudbury, ON
P3B 1M1
Phone: 705.674.4213
Contact: Andrea Doig at 705.674.4213
Hydro One
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 888.664.9376
Fax: 905.944.3251
Contact: Customer Service at 888.664.9376 or email:
Independent Energy
Valley East Industrial Park
2869 White St.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3N 1B2
Phone: 705.897.3334
Fax: 705.897.0165
Contact: John McAndrews at 705.897.3334
Home Maintenance
Sudbury Residential & Commercial HVAC specialists.
Inspec Home Inspections Plus
Sudbury, ON
Phone: 705.897.7898
Contact: Mike Gauthier at 705-507-2474 or email:
Home Inspection
Jacob Gauthier
143 Pine St.
Sudbury, ON
P3C 1X2
Phone: 705.675.7990
Link Log Canada
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 705.693.5389
Contact: Chris Carrier at 705.822.1213 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury These unique products are fully manufactured in Sudbury and are an improved option to retaining walls, garden beds, firepits, etc!
New North Fuels
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone: 705.566.2920
Home Maintenance
Sudbury Home heating fuel supplier.
Norther Gazebo Sunroom & Canvas
1118 Kingsway Blvd.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3B 2E5
Phone: 800.359.1372
Fax: 705.560.9717
Contact: Ivan Philipow at 705.560.8241
Home Improvement
Sudbury Locally manufactured gazebo or sunroom additions.
PGL Painting
Sudbury, ON
Phone: 705.561.1033
Contact: Paolo Lepre
Home Improvement
Postech Metal Foundations
103 Notre Dame St. W.
Sudbury, Ontario
P0m 1B0
Phone: 705.983.2679
Contact: Phil Paquette at 705.562.2247 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury The most trusted screw pile ever designed. Great for fences, cottage, decks, commercial applications, gazebos and much more!
Purifiner Sudbury - A Division of H2O C
1123 Lorne St.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3C 4S8
Phone: 705.522.2949
Fax: 705.523.0761
Contact: Gary Smiljan at 705.522.2949 or email:
Home Maintenance
Sudbury Specialists in well/lake draw water supply for residential, commercial and industrial. Free estimates and testing! Be sure to ask for THE CASWELL TEAM DISCOUNT!
RVP Roofing Systems
Subury, Ontario
Phone: 855.527.9203
Contact: Rick White at 705.674.2172 or email:
Home Improvement
Subury Specializing in metal roof systems.
Savard's Handyman Services
38 Mill Rd
Sudbury, Ontario
P0M 3C0
Phone: 705.521.5645
Contact: Aaron Savard at 705.521.5645 or email:
Sudbury Offering complete handyman services.
Todd Payzant - NDLC
2354 Long Lake Rd.
Sudbury, ON
P3E 5H5
Phone: 705.525.5553
Fax: 705.525.5535
Contact: Todd Payzant at 705.525.5553 or email:
U Floor Me
147 Lorne Street
Sudbury, ON
P3C 4P4
Phone: 705.673.5776
Contact: Mike Bertoli at 705.673.5776 or email:
Home Improvement
Sudbury Full selection of flooring options for residential or commercial applications. Be sure to ask for THE CASWELL TEAM DISCOUNT!
Urban Windows & Doors
1955 Lasalle Blvd.
Sudbury, Ontario
P3A 2A3
Phone: 705.673.5285
Contact: Mike McGuire at 705.521.3301
Home Improvement
Sudbury Full selection of quality windows & doors. Excellent "open" financing plans available! Be sure to ask for THE CASWELL TEAM DISCOUNT!

Although we believe that these businesses will meet or exceed your expectations, we strongly recommend you qualify each provider before using their service & contact The Caswell Team immediately about any erroneous activity or sub-par quality dealings.

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