In Muskoka, zoning rules are determined by each of the local municipalities.  The zoning rules determine what a property owner is allowed to do on a property and what is allowed to be built/constructed.  Use the maps below to determine the zoning code for a particular property and then refer to the appropriate zoning bylaw for the rules applicable for that zone.

Muskoka Lakes

Planning Department:
Draft Zoning Bylaw:
Map Index:
Other bylaws (signs, dogs, noise, etc):

Town of Bracebridge

Zoning Bylaw including maps:
Other Bylaws:

Town of Gravenhurst

Zoning Bylaw:
Zoning Bylaw PDF:
Index Map:
(click on the index map to go to individual map pages)

Township of Georgian Bay

Zoning Bylaw PDF:
Zoning Bylaw page:
Community Map: (you have to click on "Zoning Bylaw" in the legend box for it to show zoning information.

Township of Lake of Bays

Zoning Page: http: //  (includes links to maps listed by township)
Zoning Bylaw PDF:

Town of Huntsville

Zoning Bylaw:
Zoning Bylaw PDF:
Interactive Map:

District Municipality of Muskoka

Muskoka Web Map:
This map is very useful for finding information about specific properties.  Zoom in until individual properties are showing, then click on the "i" at the top toolbar, then click on a property -- it should show on the left details about it and outline it on the map.

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